Membership in the Mississippi Law Journal is limited to second-year law students who successfully complete the Journal’s annual membership competition. The Journal strongly encourages all 2Ls to participate in the membership competition. University of Mississippi Law 2Ls who are interested in joining the Journal must have at least a 3.20 GPA after spring grades are released.

The membership competition includes a Bluebook editing exercise, a Mississippi case brief, and a publication-quality case note. All three exercises are reviewed and scored anonymously. Additionally, the Journal does not participate in a grade-on policy. This is to promote and facilitate an equal opportunity to prospective Journal editors. The number of editors selected for Journal membership varies each year.

Mississippi Law Journal expects to invite editors to join Volume 88 over the course of several days during the second half of summer. This timeline is subject to change and any updates will be posted to this website when available, or communicated via TWEN. Orientation for new editors will begin a few days because Fall 2018 classes commence.

For more information on Mississippi Law Journal membership please contact,


The Bluebook is the definitive style guide for legal citation in the United States. It provides a systematic method by which members of the profession communicate important information to one another about the sources and legal authorities upon which they rely in their work. Currently, The Bluebook is in its Twentieth Edition. The Bluebook is available for purchase in hard copy, or online (including a mobile version for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) at