The Mississippi Law Journal is pleased to announce that nine of Volume 9o’s Staff Editors will have their Comments published. Each fall, the 2L class of Staff Editors participates in a rigorous Comment writing process in which they research and write a scholarly article about a legal issue of their choice over a six-month period. Students submit their legal scholarship for publication in law reviews across the nation, seeking to contribute a novel perspective on a current issue affecting a particular area of the law. Students who accept an offer for publication will have their scholarship published in a law review alongside the scholarly works of judges, lawyers, legislators, and professors. The Mississippi Law Journal congratulates the following members on this great achievement:

Schyler Burney: Sorry Not Sorry: An Empirical Review of Excessive Force Claims Focusing on Inconsistent Reasonableness Standards and Expressions of Sympathy – forthcoming in Volume 91 of the Mississippi Law Journal.

Bess Fisher: Prime Example: Fitch v. Wine Express, Online Retailers, and the Need to Re-evaluate Personal Jurisdiction in the Age of Amazon – forthcoming in the Journal of Legal Technology and Risk Management.

Caroline Heavey: Ambiguity, Agencies, and the Administrative Procedure Act: Analyzing the OSHA Rule Revision Concerning Agency Access to Employee Medical Records – forthcoming in Volume 91 of the Mississippi Law Journal.

MaryScott Polk: What To Do With Leftovers: Collecting Earmarked Donations Through Mobile Payment Apps – forthcoming in the Golden Gate University Tax & Estate Planning Review.

Lynette Potter: How Mississippi’s Labor Market, Economy, and Funding Impact Prison Understaffing – forthcoming in Volume 90 of the Mississippi Law Journal.

Mackinlee Rogers: Striking the Balance Between Competition and Fairness: Sherman Act Section Two and Utility Monopolies in Renewable Energy – forthcoming in Volume 91 of the Mississippi Law Journal; Modern Day Internet and Fitch v. Wine Express, Inc.: Why a Uniform Approach to Sufficient Minimum Contacts is Essential – forthcoming in Volume 90 of the Mississippi Law Journal.

Claire Scott: Corporate Espionage by Drone: Why Corporations Need Better Physical and Legal Protections -forthcoming in Volume 91 of the Mississippi Law Journal.

John Michael Sweatt: Unchartered Waters: How Fair Division Can Resolve the Aegean Dispute and Other Maritime Boundary Disputes – forthcoming in Volume 91 of the Mississippi Law Journal.

Grey Young: Seizing the Wheel: Need for Uniformity in State Driving Bans for People with Epilepsy – forthcoming in Volume 90 of the Mississippi Law Journal; How Much is Too Much: The Difficulties of Social Media Content Moderation – forthcoming in Information & Communications Technology Law.