Symposium Articles

Kristen Kyle-Castelli, Foreword: Poverty and Access to Justice Symposium

Hon. Jess H. Dickinson, Equal Justice

Benjamin P. Cooper, Regulatory Barriers to Justice in Mississippi

Brooks Holland, The Washington State Limited License Legal Technician Practice Rule: A National First in Access to Justice

Deborah H. Bell, The Cost of Fault-Based Divorce

Hon. Denise S. Owens, The Reality of Pro Se Representation

Vincent Morris, Navigating Justice: Self-Help Resources, Access to Justice, And Whose Job is it Anyway?

Douglas A. Blaze & R. Brad Morgan, More Equal Access to Justice: The Unrealized Potential of Law Schools

Marni von Wilpert, Medical-Legal Partnerships in Mississippi: A Model to Improve Access to Justice

Hon. Donna M. Barnes, Bringing Access to Justice to the Local Community

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