Before and Beyond Burlington: The Evolution of Arranger Liability and Apportionment in CERCLA Claims

James R. Farrell

Substantive Due Process After McDonald v. Chicago

Christopher R. Green

Exempt or Not Exempt: Clarifying the Confusion Surrounding the Relationship Between the Discretionary Function Exemption and the Performance of Statue Exemption in the Mississippi Tort Claims Act

Shelly Mott Diaz and Robert A. Weems

Ethics for Advocates: An Overdue Conversation

Roger Clifford Clapp

Corban v. USAA: A Case Providing Far Too Little Because It Was
Rendered Far Too Late

William F. “Chip” Merlin, Jr.

Earwigging the Chancellor Prohibited: A Violation of Legal Ethics

James Haltom

My Year with Judge Rhesa H. Barksdale

Natalya T. Seay

Revisiting Isolation as Invention: The Obviousness of Isolated Natural
Genes and a New Test for Naturalness

Kenneth M. Alfano

Is Representation in an Arbitration Considered the Unauthorized
Practice of Law in Mississippi?

Jim Warren & Scott Murray

Unequal Justice: An Unintended Consequence in Mississippi Counties with Two Judicial Districts

David G. Sansing, Walker W. Jones, III & Jason R. Bush.