Mississippi Law Journal

Discovering Arrest Warrants During Illegal Traffic Stops: The Lower Courts’ Wrong Turn In The Exclusionary Rule Attenuation Analysis

PDF  ·  Merry C. Johnson  ·  85 Miss. L. J. 225 (2016)

The Other Lawyer In the Courtroom: The Prosecutor In To Kill A Mockingbird

PDF  ·  Allan M. Vestal  ·  85 Miss. L. J. 167 (2016)

An Argument For Putting The Posse Comitatus Act To Rest

PDF  ·  C.J. Williams  ·  85 Miss. L. J. 99 (2016)

The End Of Law Schools: Legal Education In The Era Of Legal Service Businesses

PDF  ·  Ray Worthy Campbell  ·  85 Miss. L. J. 1 (2016)

Not Up In The Air: A Federal Air Marshal’s Administrative Search Privileges In Flight

PDF  ·  Christian J. Robison  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 1375 (2015)

Alien Torts In Foreign Courts: Responsible Restrictions On Extraterritorial Application Of The Alien Tort Statute

PDF  ·  Jordan B. Redmon  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 1329 (2015)

Why The FBI And The Courts Are Wrong About Entrapment And Terrorism

PDF  ·  Jesse J. Norris  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 1257 (2015)

Underestimating The Trial Penalty: An Empirical Analysis Of The Federal Trial Penalty And Critique Of The Abrams Study

PDF  ·  Andrew Chongseh Kim  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 1195 (2015)

Our Unconstitutional Recusal Procedure

PDF  ·  Dmitry Bam  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 1135 (2015)

M’Naghten Is A Fundamental Right: Why Abolishing The Traditional Insanity Defense Violates Due Process

PDF  ·  R. Michael Shoptaw  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 1101 (2015)