A Bridge Over Troubled Water: The Second Amendment Guarantee For The Previously Mentally Institutionalized

PDF  ·  Nash E. Gilmore  ·  86 Miss. L.J. Supra 1 (2017)

Subsidizing Large Civil Aircraft: Airbus and Boeing’s Newest Dispute Before The World Trade Organization

PDF  ·  Andrew B. Lintner  ·  86 Miss. L.J. Supra 46 (2017)

Law Enforcement Lightning: North Dakota Police Departments and Weaponized Drones

PDF  ·  Cody D. Samples  ·  86 Miss. L.J. Supra 69 (2017)

Fishin’ With Fisher: Determining the Depth of Deference Does Not Demand Damning Deference to a Dastardly Death

PDF  ·  Casey Scott McKay  ·  83 Miss. L. J. 951 (2014)

Constitutional Law – Unlawful Searches – When The Police Investigate A Home Using A Drug-Sniffing Dog It Is A Physically Intrusive “Search” Within The Meaning Of The Fourth Amendment

PDF  ·  Daniel Schick  ·  83 Miss. L. J. 427 (2014)

Constitutional Law – Criminal Forfeiture – Asset Restraints Supported By A Jury’s Probable Cause Determination Are Not Judicially Reviewable Regardless Of The Defendant’s Inability To Retain Chosen Counsel

PDF  ·  Christian J. Robison  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 885 (2015)

Constitutional Law-The Plea Bargaining Process-Mr. Counsel, Please Bargain Effectively for Your Client’s Sixth Amendment Rights, Otherwise the Trial Court will be Forced to Reoffer the Plea Deal and then Exercise Discretion in Resentencing

PDF  ·  Casey McKay  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 731

Constitutional Law – Arrest and Detention Under the Material Witness Statute – Objectively Reasonable Arrest Did Not Violate Fourth Amendment


PDF  ·  Charles E. Cowan  ·  81 Miss. L.J. 621 (2011)