Mississippi’s First Federal District Court And Its Judges, 1818-1838

PDF  ·  David Hargrove  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 987 (2015)

Expansion Of Mississippi’s Construction Lien Laws To Include Mississippi Subcontractors, Materialmen, Consulting Engineers, And Surveyors

PDF  ·  Clyde X. ("Trey") Copeland, III & Robert P. Wise  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 905 (2015)

Constitutional Law – Criminal Forfeiture – Asset Restraints Supported By A Jury’s Probable Cause Determination Are Not Judicially Reviewable Regardless Of The Defendant’s Inability To Retain Chosen Counsel

PDF  ·  Christian J. Robison  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 885 (2015)

States As Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Gatekeepers: Federalism, Specific Authorization, And Protection of Municipal Economic Health

PDF  ·  M. Heith Frost  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 817 (2015)

Probability, Confidence, And The “Reasonable Jury” Standard

PDF  ·  Luke Meier  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 747 (2015).

Non-Uniform Justice: An Equal Protection Analysis of Veterans Treatment Courts’ Exclusionary Qualification Requirements

PDF  ·  Eric Merriam  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 685 (2015).

Variations On A Theme By Posner: Facing The Factual Component Of The Reliability Imperative In The Process Of Adjudication

PDF  ·  James L. Robertson  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 471 (2015)

Pre-Arrest Silence And Self-Incrimination Rights: Why States Should Adopt An Implied Invocation Standard Under Their State Constitution In The Wake Of Salinas v. Texas

PDF  ·  Karen M. Brindisi  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 431 (2015).

Keeping With The Principle Of Neutrality: Why Courts Should Not Extend Elmbrook‘s Mistaken Establishment Clause Analysis

PDF  ·  Daniel D. Schick  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 391 (2015).

Tell Us A Story But Don’t Make It A Good One: Embracing The Tension Regarding Emotional Stories And The Federal Rule of Evidence 403

PDF  ·  Cathren Koehlert-Page  ·  84 Miss. L. J. 351 (2015).