A Textual Analysis of the Possible Impact of Measure 26 on the Mississippi Bill of Rights

PDF  ·  Christopher R. Green  ·  81 Miss. L. J. Supra 39 (2011)

Resolving the Conflict Between the Bench Trial Provision of the Mississippi Tort Claims Act and the Right of Trial by Jury Under the Mississippi Constitution

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Navigating the Diverse and Evolving Law of Gestational Surrogacy

PDF  ·  Ashley W. Pittman  ·  81 Miss. L. J. Supra 1 (2011)

Earwigging the Chancellor Prohibited: A Violation of Legal Ethics

PDF  ·  James Haltom  ·  79 Miss. L. J. Supra 115 (2009)

Is Representation in an Arbitration Considered the Unauthorized Practice of Law in Mississippi?


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