The Washington State Limited License Legal Technician Practice Rule: A National First in Access to Justice

PDF  ·  Brooks Holland  ·  82 Miss. L. J. Supra 75 (2013)

Regulatory Barriers to Justice in Mississippi

PDF  ·  Benjamin P. Cooper  ·  82 Miss. L. J. Supra 61 (2013)

Equal Justice

PDF  ·  Justice Dickinson  ·  82 Miss. L. J. Supra 53 (2013)

Foreward: Poverty and Access to Justice Symposium

PDF  ·  Kristen Kyle-Castelli  ·  82 Miss. L. J. Supra i (2013)

Disparate Impact, Equal Protection, Congressional Power, and the Ricci Decision: Why “Relaxed” Strict Scrutiny Should Apply When Congress Uses its Section Five Enforcement Power to Prevent Violations of the Fourteenth Amendment

PDF  ·  Michael Williams  ·  82 Miss. L. J. Supra 17 (2012)

And Stay Out! A Look at Judicial Banishment in Mississippi

PDF  ·  Judge James D. Maxwell II  ·  82 Miss. L. J. Supra 1 (2012)

The Property Tax Crisis, Equity, and Property Tax Reform: Choosing Between Market & Non-Market Methods of Valuing the Property Tax Base

PDF  ·  Erica H. Peden  ·  81 Miss. L. J. Supra 225 (2011)

Justice Breyer’s Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence

PDF  ·  Anna C. Sweat  ·  81 Miss. L. J. Supra 199 (2011)

Davis v. United States: Expanding the Good Faith Exception to the Exclusionary Rule to Objective Reliance on Binding Appellate Precedent Presents Too Many Threats to Constitutional Protections

PDF  ·  Laura Elizabeth Collins  ·  81 Miss. L. J. Supra 163 (2011)

Fighting for Their Lives: The LGBTQ Student’s Right to a Harassment-Free Education

PDF  ·  Jeffrey Brown  ·  81 Miss. L. J. Supra 125 (2011)