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Take Your Guns To Town: Expanding The Scope Of The Second Amendment Beyond The Home

PDF  ·  Jackson Carter  ·  83 Miss. L.J. Supra 1 (2014)

A Gap in the Criminal Justice System, Creating a New Class of Felons in Pregnant Drug-Addicted Women, A State-by-State Analysis

PDF  ·  Rachel Carlson  ·  83 Miss. L.J. Supra 1 (2014)

Old Enough to Have Sex, But Too Young to Film It: Are Prosecutors Violating Constitutional Rights by Prosecuting Legal Sexual Activity Under Child Pornography Statutes?

PDF  ·  Jon Still  ·  84 Miss. L.J. Supra 1 (2014)

Resolving the Tolentino Question: Why Courts Should Suppress Police Observations and Other “Identity-Related” Evidence Flowing From Illegal Traffic Stops

PDF  ·  J. Lott Warren  ·  83 Miss. L.J. Supra 21

Bureaucratic Praxis

PDF  ·  Eric A. San Juan  ·  83 Miss. L.J. Supra 1 (2014)

In Memoriam: Dean Joshua Morse III

PDF  ·  Senator Trent Lott  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 1207

Dean Morse Memorial: A Reminiscence

PDF  ·  Judge E. Grady Jolly  ·  

In Memory: Dean Joshua M. Morse

PDF  ·  Justice Reuben Anderson  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 1213

A Tribute to My Dean, Joshua M. Morse III

PDF  ·  Samuel M. Davis  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 1217

In Memoriam: Dean Joshua Morse III

PDF  ·  Michael Horowitz  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 1229