A Bridge Over Troubled Water: The Second Amendment Guarantee For The Previously Mentally Institutionalized

PDF  ·  Nash E. Gilmore  ·  86 Miss. L.J. Supra 1 (2017)

Subsidizing Large Civil Aircraft: Airbus and Boeing’s Newest Dispute Before The World Trade Organization

PDF  ·  Andrew B. Lintner  ·  86 Miss. L.J. Supra 46 (2017)

Law Enforcement Lightning: North Dakota Police Departments and Weaponized Drones

PDF  ·  Cody D. Samples  ·  86 Miss. L.J. Supra 69 (2017)

Introducing the MLJ Blog

James B. Kelly, MLJ Editor-in-Chief[1]


Dear Readers:


As part of our efforts to provide timely coverage of legal issues and better serve the needs of practitioners, the Mississippi Law Journal is pleased to announce the addition of a new law-focused blog to our website. The goal of the MLJ Blog is to provide a forum for law students, practitioners, alumni, and faculty to author updates and analyses of important legal issues, as well as a venue for discourse and the exchange of ideas.


This new feature follows a series of innovations that the Journal has spearheaded in the last several years, including the Peer Review Forum,[2] the External Student Publishing Initiative,[3] and our partnership with the Federal Courts Law Review.[4] It is our hope that the blog will add practical value for our readers and a new dimension to the Journal’s tradition of excellence.


Thank you for your commitment to the Journal. If you would like to author a post for the MLJ Blog, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at editor@mississippilawjournal.org.



[1] J.D. expected May 2018.

[2] For more information on the Mississippi Law Journal’s peer review process, see Jack Wade Nowlin & Brian Clark Stuart, Foreword: The Mississippi Law Journal Peer Review Process, 84 Miss. L.J. i (2015).

[3] See Law School Student Publishing Sets New Record, Univ. of Miss. Sch. of L. (Apr. 20, 2016), https://law.olemiss.edu/law-school-student-publishing-sets-new-record.

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PDF  ·    ·  

Defending Under a Reservation of Rights: Mississippi Insurance Defense in the Wake of Moeller and Its Progeny

PDF  ·  James L. Warren, Maggie Nasif, and Erin D. Guyton  ·  83 Miss. L.J. 1219 (2014)

“Judge, General, Your Honor, Sir . . .”: A Selection of Archival Documents From the Paper of Judge Claude F. Clayton of the U.S. District Court of Northern Mississippi and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

PDF  ·  Leigh McWhite  ·  83 Miss. L.J. 1241 (2014)

The Pardoning Power: Where Does Tradition End and Legal Regulation Begin?

PDF  ·  Katie R. Van Camp  ·  83 Miss. L.J. 1271 (2014)

Safety First: How Arming Mississippi Teachers Would Protect Students

PDF  ·  Justin Moody  ·  83 Miss. L.J. 1319 (2014)

The Empty Promise of Vara: The Restrictive Application of a Narrow Statute

PDF  ·  David E. Shipley  ·  83 Miss. L.J. 985 (2014)

Critiquing Modern-Day U.S. Legal Education With Rhetoric: Frank’s Plea and the Scholar Model of the Law Professor Persona

PDF  ·  Carlo A. Pedrioli  ·  83 Miss. L.J. 1049 (2014)