The Warren Court’s House Built on Sand: From Security in Persons, Houses, Papers, and Effects to Mere Reasonableness in Fourth Amendment Doctrine

PDF  ·  Jack Wade Nowlin  ·  81 Miss. L.J. 1017 (2012)

Responding to the Challenges of Contextual Change and Legal Dynamism in Interpreting the Fourth Amendment

PDF  ·  Donald A. Dripps  ·  81 Miss. L.J. 1085 (2012)

Reasonableness with Teeth: The Future of Fourth Amendment Reasonableness Analysis

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No More Chipping Away: The Roberts Court Uses an Axe to Take Out the Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule

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Fourth Amendment Future: Remote Computer Searches and the Use of the Virtual Force

PDF  ·  Susan W. Brenner  ·  81 Miss. L.J. 1229 (2012)

The Future of the Fourth Amendment in a Digital Evidence Context: Where Would the Supreme Court Draw the Electronic Line at the International Border?


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The Fourth Amendment in a World Without Privacy


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Introduction to the James Otis Lecture


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Electronic Privacy in the Government Workplace and City of Ontario, California v. Quon: The Supreme Court Brought Forth a Mouse


PDF  ·  Clifford S. Fishman  ·  81 Miss. L.J. 1359 (2012)

An Offer in Compromise You Can’t Confuse: It is Not the Opening Bid of a Delinquent Taxpayer to Play Let’s Make a Tax Deal with the Internal Revenue Service


PDF  ·  I. Jay Katz  ·  81 Miss. L.J. 1673 (2012)