Peer Review

The Mississippi Law Journal Peer Review Board was established in 2014 under the leadership of Brian Stuart, Editor-in-Chief of Volume 84.

Check out the Foreword to the first book that contained Peer Review work here.

The peer review process exists to increase the quality of legal scholarship and offer authors and enhanced publication experience with the Mississippi Law Journal. For information about submitting your work for consideration, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at


Mississippi Law Journal Peer Review Articles–2015-2016

Alfred L. Brophy & Judson E. Crump, Twenty One Months a Slave (forthcoming)

Olga Frishman, Court-Audience Relationships in the 21st Century (forthcoming)

Jordan E. Pratt, Disregard of Unconstitutional Laws in the Plural State Executive (forthcoming)

Christopher Cotropia & Lee Petherbridge, Should Your Article Have a Table of Contents?, 85 Miss. L.J. 295 (2016)

Shlomo Pill, Jewish Antecedents to American Constitutional Thought, 85 Miss. L.J. 643 (2016)

Ray Worthy Campbell, The End of Law Schools, 85 Miss. L.J. 1 (2016)

Dmitry Bam, Our Unconstitutional Recusal Procedure, 84 Miss. L.J. 1135 (2015)

Andrew Chongseh Kim, Underestimating the Trial Penalty: An Empirical Analysis of the Federal Trial Penalty and Critique of the Abrams Study, 84 Miss. L.J. 1195 (2015)

Jesse J. Norris, Why the FBI and the Courts Are Wrong about Entrapment and Terrorism, 84 Miss. L.J. 1257 (2015)