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 Autumn T. Breeden – Raisins Are Not Oysters: Horne and the Improper Synthesis of the Public and Wildlife Trusts, Arizona Journal of Environmental Law and Policy

Alexandra Bruce – Stevens, R.A.V., and Animal Cruelty Speech: Why Congress’s New Statute Remains Constitutionally Problematic, Gonzaga Law Review

Adolyn Brooke Clark – ERISA Breach of Fiduciary Duty: Shifting the Burden of Proving Causation to the Defendant, Defense Counsel Journal (peer edited)

Madison Elizabeth Coburn – The Supreme Court’s Mistake on Law Enforcement Mistake of Law: Why States Should Not Adopt Heien v. North Carolina, Wake Forest Journal of Law and Policy

Sean Doran – Bringing Bankruptcy Back: Reconciling the Bankruptcy Code and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Norton Annual Survey of Bankruptcy Law (peer edited)

Morgan Eason – A Bone to Pick: Applying a Best Interest of the Family Standard in Pet Custody Disputes, South Dakota Law Review (lead article)

Darian Rae Etienne – Victims, Not Criminals: Exempting and Immunizing Children Subjected to Sex Trafficking from Prosecution for Prostitution, Whittier Journal of Child and Family Advocacy

Shayna A. Giles – Trade Dress: An Unsuitable Fit for Product Design in the Fashion Industry, Journal for the Patent and Trademark Office Society (peer edited)

Taylor Hardenstein – In Space, No One Can Hear You Contest Jurisdiction: Establishing Criminal Jurisdiction on the Outer Space Colonies of Tomorrow, Southern Methodist University Journal of Air Law and Commerce

Rodgrick Hickman – Will Love Win Again? When Religious Organizations, Government Subsidies, Adoption and the Establishment Clause Collide, Southern Journal of Policy and Justice

Will Holley – Starting From Scratch: Reasserting “Indian Country” in Alaska by Placing Alaska Native Land into Trust, Florida A&M Law Review

Peter H. Liddell – Marooning by Gridlock: Armstrongand and the Continuous Strain between Medicaid Costs and Healthcare Access, Dartmouth Law Journal

Daniel McDonald – Reputation Will Teach the Sharing Economy to Share, University of Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy

Rob Noland – Civil Resurrection: A statutory and Punitive Approach to Felony Disenfranchisement, The Southern Journal of Policy and Justice

Cate Rodgers – The Impact of Walker’s Government Speech Extension on Public Transit Advertising, Transportation Law Journal (University of Denver)

Rachel Marie Smith – Why Can’t My Waiter Sing Happy Birthday: The Chilling Effect of Corporate Copyright Control, IDEA: The Journal of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property

Mississippi Law Journal, Volume 86

Alexander Ash – It’s Your Money and We Want It Now: Regulation of the Structured Settlement Factoring Industry in the Era of Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Wes Bulgarella – A Better Forum for All: Addressing the Value of Arbitration Clauses in Nursing Home Contracts

Katherine Mayo Portner – Tinker’s Timeless Teaching: Why the Heckler’s Veto Should Not Be Allowed in Public High Schools

Paul Wallace – Simplifying the Muddled Doctrine of Debt Recharacterization

Mississippi Law Journal Supra, Volume 86

Nash Gilmore – A Bridge Over Troubled Water: The Second Amendment Guarantee for the Previously Mentally Institutionalized

Andrew Lintner – Subsidizing Large Civil Aircraft: Airbus and Boeing’s Newest Dispute Before the World Trade Organization

Cody Samples – Law Enforcement Lightning: North Dakota Police Departments and Weaponized Drones

Mississippi Law Journal, Volume 85

Abby Abide – An Inquiry Reasonable Under the Circumstances: Applying Rule 11 to Local Counsel

John George Archer – This Sox: Combating Public Charity Fraud with Sarbanes-Oxley

Jake Arthur Bradley – Antemortem Probate Is A Bad Idea: Why Antemortem Probate Will Not Work and Should Not Work

Kathryn Fowler – The Russian Rocket Problem: Why the Quick Phase-Out of the RD-180 Rocket Engine Harms the United States Space Program

Reginald R. Lewis – A Common Sense Understanding of Inevitable Discovery: Why Nix v. Williams Does Not Require Active Pursuit in the Application of the Inevitable Discovery Doctrine