Archives for May 2013

Defining the Destruction of Evidence Exigency Exception: Why Courts Should Adopt a Strict Probable Cause Standard in the Wake of Kentucky v. King

PDF  ·  Claire Frances Stamm  ·  82 Miss L.J. 1417

Risk and Execution: The Local Impact of Capital Cases on Mississippi Counties

PDF  ·  Valena Elizabeth Beety  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 1337

A Selection of Archival Documents: J.P. Coleman and The U.S. Court Of Appeals for The Fifth Circuit

PDF  ·  Leigh McWhite  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 1245

CSI Mississippi: The Cautionary Tale of Mississippi’s Medico-Legal History

PDF  ·  W. Tucker Carrington et. al.  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 1271

Teaching Creation, Evolution, and the New Atheism in 21st Century America: Window on an Evolving Establishment Clause

PDF  ·  Edward J. Larson, Ph.D.  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 997

Redefining Offer in Contract Law

PDF  ·  Daniel P. O’Gorman  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 1049

Miranda-In-The-Middle: Why Justice Kennedy’s Subjective Intent of the Officer Test In Missouri v. Seibert is Binding and Good Public Policy

PDF  ·  Locke Houston  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 1129

Davis, Jones, And The Good-Faith Exception: Why Reasonable Police Reliance On Persuasive Appellant Precedent Precludes Application Of The Exclusionary Rule

PDF  ·  Kyle Robbins  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 1175

How Much is Too Much? The Application of the De Minimis Doctrine to the Fourth Amendment

PDF  ·  Jeffrey Brown  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 1097

Substitute Justice? Challenges to American Counterterrorism Activities in Non-American Courts

PDF  ·  Kent Roach  ·  82 Miss. L.J. 907